Madala SAGD is a wellbore simulator designed from the ground up to handle bitumen emulsion with steam systems rigorously from a thermodynamic and hydraulics perspective.

  • Utilizes mechanistic physics based flow algorithms to calculate pressure changes through the wellbore.
  • Uses specialized equation of state thermodynamics that is pre-configured for Athabasca Oil Sands.
  • Heat transfer throughout the wellbore.
  • Producer, Injector and Circulation Simulation Modes.

Incorporates common field and down hole instrumentation found in SAGD environments to create highly tuned physics based predictive models.

  • All major thermal ESP vendor pump curves are available.
  • Down hole temperature measurement can be utilized and honored throughout the model.  Temperature can also be used to regress inflow models.
  • Surface measurements, such as return pressure and temperature, can be act as constraints or outcomes in the model.
  • Gas Lift Injection rates are used to accurately model gas lift performance in SAGD.

Optimized user experience and workflow for SAGD production engineers

  • By leveraging firsthand experience in SAGD operations, the user interface is streamlined to match SAGD production engineering expectations.  Creating models, running models, and analyzing model results can each be done in minutes as opposed to the hours or days that are required today. 

Variable Horizontal Inflow

  • Madala SAGD provides a horizontally segmented inflow model where geological scoring and down hole temperature measurement can be leveraged to depict the true horizontal inflow to your producer wells.

Flow Control Device Selection

  • Includes an appropriate choke model to simulate tubular or liner deployed flow control devices.